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UMS EPISODE 65 Bryant Autrey

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On this week’s show, We are delighted to bring you Mothlab (Day Dreams EP) recording artist, Bryant Autrey. Bryant Autrey delivers a hard driven set of thumping beats recorded live @ from OPEN HOUSE NYC. Bryant Autrey’s music, represents an idea or impressions from particular events formed into sound. The root is always Techno at the base with many life inspired elements fused together to create a frequency and movement that it represents. Bryant Autrey has entertaining thousands of listeners with his unique hard Tech House beats style. He has been moving crowds with His high energy performances since the mid 90’s. Always evolving and finding inspiration from every aspect of his life, Bryant Autrey keeps bringing a fresh sound to every set and track he produces.

Since the mid 90’s, Bryant Autrey, also known as (Laphalot) on other projects, has been constant in his genres of choice, having played major clubs, raves and many local New York City bars & lounges. Most notable have been his gigs at the notorious Tunnel Nightclub where “The Rave” was booming. After a stint of one-offs and short residencies from 1996 till 2002, Bryant found a new inspiration to compile frequent practice sessions with audio production.

Then, in 2007, he made his introduction to the masses with a remix for Cristian Paduraru on Worldwide Exclusive Records and 2LS 2 Dance. He followed up with three more collaborations there before opening his own net label, Audiofase Recordings to produce and release original material.

2010 to 2011 has been a further growing stage, studying tips and tricks with his productions that have now been recognized by a wider international audience and his selections being played by some of the most influential artists in the industry, one of the latest, “Wet From The East”, has gotten much playtime on dance floors spanning the entire globe and has come to be a huge stepping stone into a new level of his music career. In November of 2011 he started producing for MothLab Recordings, based in Italy, with his Day Dreams EP, comprised of four original Techno tunes.

UMS EPISODE 65 Bryant Autrey

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Selected discography of Bryant Autrey

Bryant Autrey – Unscripted EP [Afro Acid Digital/Plastik] Bryant Autrey – Day Dreams EP [MothLab Recordings] Intellectual – Memory Test – Bryant Autrey remix [2LS 2 Dance] Bryant Autrey – Wet From The East EP [Insignificant] Cristian Paduraru – Emotion Comes From Motion – Bryant Autrey remix [The Remix Label] Cristian Paduraru – If You Want – Bryant Autrey remix [The Remix Label] Bryant Autrey – Experience Life EP [Audiofase Recordings] Bryant Autrey – Circus Ride [Audiofase Recordings] Bryant Autrey – Bug System EP [Audiofase Recordings] Super Agent 33 – F**kng Good – Bryant Autrey remix [Audiofase Recordings] Bryant Autrey – Twisted Fantasies [Audiofase Recordings] Bryant Autrey – Switchfreak / Dark Matter [Audiofase Recordings]

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