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These are the Origins of the movement that has become and beyond. Along with the desire to create good music and playing live shows all over the world, the dream was always the same, BRING MUSIC TO THE MASSES and make it accessible to all.  All sets here were mixed by vinyl or in digital format by Resident DJ/Producer G-Ron.

FROM THE ARCHIVES OF TONIC SOUL SESSIONS. Some early gems that made us all move on the dance floor. As we move forward we must always remember our roots. You can’t move ahead without having a place to start. These are classic tracks mixed by true masters in the art of giving the crowed and all who listen something that transcends all social and racial boundaries. These are the origins Of the Movement and for some the reason they found truth, salvation clarity and joy in the sound. (Tonic Soul-Original weekly radio show hosted by G-Ron and guests / All mixed on vinyl ).




Past music guests have included : Yousef, Gregor Treshor, Florian Meindl, Miss Kittin, Nadja Lind, Noad Pred, Andreas Henneberg, Stephan Bodzin, Audio Injection, Tony Rohr, Kyle Geiger, Djuma Soundsystem, Luigi Madonna, Tom Hades, John Tejada, A. Trebor, DJ Onionz, Gel Abril, Justin Steel and many many more. Don’t miss out! Subscribe today.