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Sullivan Room

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Gel Abril UMS 105 Sullivan Room Series from on Vimeo.

Gregor Tresher UMS from on Vimeo.

Zenbi Live at Sullivan Room NYC Feb 16, 2013 from on Vimeo.

Chris Fortier Podcast from on Vimeo.

Nosi Music’s Gil K Live at Sullivan Room NYC from on Vimeo.

Pig & Dan at Sullivan Room Interview from on Vimeo.

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Now Playing :
SR Serge aka Grass Is Greener
Peter Munch
Djuma Soundsystem
Chris Fortier
Gil K
Samsara (Warm Up Set)

In the face of ever changing popular trends, Sullivan Room remains after ten years one of New York’s last venues devoted to the underground music scene. Serving as both the launch pad for young local DJ careers and the landing pad for internationally renowned talent, the Sullivan Room provides a home to both musicians and electronic dance music aficionados alike. Although there are now several venues in NYC that showcase this sound, Sullivan Room has the most long standing commitment to underground dance music of any venue in NYC.

The Sullivan Room celebrated its fifth birthday by treating itself to a complete make-over, expanding in size by about 1,000 square feet, adding a brand new fully functional women’s restroom, redesigning the aesthetic of the interior, and of course, adding a new custom-designed sound system from Core Audio complete with a “holy shit what was that?!” subbass that will beat your heart for you. The improvements were designed to augment the Sullivan Room experience, with the focus on comfort for clubgoers in search of a relaxed atmosphere and great music.

While the venue cleaned itself up a bit, the dedication to the underground electronic music scene did not change. Eschewing the direction taken by many new McLounges opening throughout New York City, where the only difference is a slight change in the name and address, the Sullivan Room’s renovation reinforces its status as a maverick, while it remains one of the only clubs in the city where the underground finds a home.

Djuma Soundsystem – Live at Sullivan Room – NYC from on Vimeo.


Sullivan Room
(212) 505-1703
218 Sullivan St, New York, NY




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