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Press Release: H2S On-Live Show!

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Press Release:  H2S On-Live Show!


Press Release

April 11, 2012

Media Contact: Antoine Simpson, H2S Founder and President



For immediate Release

Underground Movement presents

H2S On-Live Show: The Chicago House Experience


What: On-Live Internet Radio Show

When: Beginning May 10, 2012

Where: powered by

Broadcast: Worldwide powered by and Underground Movement presents “H2S On-Live: The Chicago House Experience.”  This show will feature the Chicago House culture.  Our viewers will look, listen and learn why Chicago House is the purest form of music.  Since the 1980’s Chicago has been the city known for its House Music.  From venues like the “Warehouse” until today, Chicago has influence many DJs and promoters throughout the world.

H2S On-Live Show promises to educate, inform and bring awareness the Chicago House culture.  Our viewers will know the DJs, promoters, producers, remixers, record labels, managements and merchandisers.  The DJs will perform a set as you will witness live on the Internet.    You will see firsthand the actual set at a party or event.  Our cameras will bring the party to your laptop, desktop and mobile devices such as iPhone and Android. We will bring Chicago House to the masses.  This show will cover every House genre and subgenre.


”]Your Host:  Antoine Simpson has been a part of House music most of his life.  As a teen he attended Jenal’s and was part of the freestyle House dance movement.  When he turned 22, he ventured to different House venues and began a regular.  You would usually seen him at clubs like AKA, Coconuts, Phoenix, Riveria, and of course the Shelter.  While served in Army, he witnessed the first House Music invasion in Europe.  In his return to Chicago, he noticed the major clubs were not playing House and turned to commercial and Hip Hop.  Of course this angers him.  When he thought House music reached it end, he met the people who would change his life and recapture his love for Chicago House.  First, he met the members for 3 Degrees at the Winter Music Conference in 2003. He later met and befriend Czarina, the Editor of 5 Magazine.  Today Antoine own and operates H2S [House Head Speaks].  His blog and Social Networks tackle the issues, and raise awareness regarding the House Community.  H2S features DJs, mixes, tracks, upcoming parties and events.  H2S also has a t-shirt line and a travel package design for visitors to Chicago.

The show is operated and powered by:

Underground Movement


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