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Momentum & Rite of Wednesdays – Weekly Refueling Depot for the NYC Techno Enthusiast

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Living in the concrete jungle has its ups and downs. When the times get under your skin, its good to know that there’s a place where friends come together to listen to the latest weekly releases of EDM’s Underground goodies. Catered for the local DJ/Producer to show off their latest finds or creations, this weekly event starts early and ends late.

‘Momentum’ picks you up as you enter with the Happy Hour block for those who would like to have a place to dance right after a long day’s work. Armed with residents Stephen Eaves (Gruv Muzik) and the numerous clan of The House Cartel (Jay R, Capo, Velez, Louie Patron) supply their weekly picks of artists who we should be looking out for. But don’t expect these early hours of the evening to be filled with hard hitting, power driving dance floor bombs….but instead look forward to the deeper side of Techno delectables as the beats engulf you with more warmer sounds of the underground genre.

As the night progresses, Rite of Wednesdays comes into effect as the (S)innerscene crew led by Matias Jofre takes the over the controls and graces the attendees with the harder and darker side of the Tech sound as the guests DJs bring you closer to a weekend escape at your regular nightclub outing. Here the faders are turned up for a wild ride of unexpected twists and turns for the true follower of the Underground Scene.

This event has been taking place before at NYC’s Bar 13 at Union Square but as of late, Momentum and Rite of Wednesdays has returned to the place of origin of Karma – Performance Venue. A hookah bar located in the East Village with Cellphone Recharging Stations and yes….you can freely smoke there too!

51 First Ave New York, NY 10003
(212) 677-3160

But it doesn’t stop there!!!!

The Momentum and Rite of Wednesdays Gang also venture out and host larger scale events throughout the city with headliners like Pan-Pot, Miss Kittin, Ambivalent and much much more. If you’re one who loves surprises, these are the people to keep tabs on so you know where you will be spending an evening of the latest trending beats.

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UMS EPISODE 63 Stephen_Eaves from on Vimeo.

Learn More About Momentum & Rite of Wednesdays DJ’s Matias Jofre, Stephen Eaves and The House Cartel:’s Underground Movement presents Matias Jofre from on Vimeo.

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