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UMS 113 : J74 – Fabrizio Poce

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The electronic music alternative scene is changing.
Besides the EDM boom which is fevering the young kids and, of course, the eternal lust for good techno tunes for the dance floor, the digital revolution has changed a good part of the alternative music scene through a merge of software “nerdy stuff”, such as (creative) coding, audio / visual sync, generative visuals and music (electronic for the most) itself. For these guys and girls it gets all interrelated. Computers as tools for everything.
J74 (alias Fabrizio Poce) is an example of this. Someone who defines himself as 33% developer, 33% musician, 33% visual artist, 1% chaos.
He makes music, but also runs a small software development unit for creative music plugins and he merges this making his own software for audio reactive, generative visuals. His instruments are the computer and the synthesizers, together. And when he makes an album is because the music got inspired by making the software or the other way around.
In the late 90’s he made electronic music in bands (in Italy: Electro Alba, Chrome K0r@n), with a few EPs published and lot’s of gigs around Europe. In the likes of many electronic acts. Then life carried onto other professional experiences, on the edge of the Internet revolution (developing software and part of the Internet itself).
But in the last 10 years music hit back and the circle got round: he started coding for music. But because of the new technology available it did not end there. Generative visual art could be added to the same real-time experience.

He runs now a small independent plugin line for Ableton Live, mostly based on Max for Live as development environment.
He makes generative visuals inside Ableton Live with V-Module, a tool he created and shared as open source, free.
He makes music (again), having after almost twenty years published tow albums, “Earth Life” in 2010 and “Weather Changes” in 2015, just out.
As a promotion for his initiatives, “Weather Changes” will be available as free download untill June 25th 2015.
And you can see him here and there performing audio visual sets, specially on festivals such as LPM, Freemote, and the likes.
The story about the “Weather Changes” album is quite representative of this.
Almost all tracks have been made as test tracks or demo tracks for the J74 software (both music and visual related).
As inspiration strikes in these cases, the tracks eventually evolved from ambient demos to an ambient full length album.
Something which was a pleasure to make and which actually helped making the software better.

All info on J74 are on his website:


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