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House of Sol Recap

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This House Head speaks about his experience at the House of Sol.  It is a free 4 day House music festival that featured over 40 Chicago House DJs. The entire festival was broadcasted live through and H2S On-Live at  This year mark the House of Sol 6th Annual outdoor event.  My first encounter with the House of Sol was last year.  I attended a Saturday event and was totally expressed.  They had a great lineup of DJs I have known but have not heard live.  There were also DJs I met in the past and befriend them on my H2S Social Network i.e. John Simmons, DJ Heather, David Sabat just to name a few.

This year H2S On-Live was honored to be part of the House of Sol.  We broadcasted the entire event but there were additional duties involved.  We noticed how organized and together each member of the House of Sol.  They made certain everything was prepared before the first DJ arrived.  Carlos Vasquez and the members of Chicago House Junkiez were gracious and professional.  They made me felt I was part of their group.  When they gave me my HOS shirt, I felt the need to earn my keep.  I did not want to disappoint them.  They made certain the DJs on their lineup were not disappointed.  Each day of the event, they added or took away in order to bring a better experience for the DJs and the crowd who attended.  The crowd was awesome!  Each day it got bigger and bigger.  I love seeing people who love House let themselves go and just dance, sweat and have a great time.  The year was one for the record books.

House Head Speaks:  First, I have to thank Carlos and every member of House of Sol.  You are the reason this event have been successful for 6 years.  You show what hard work and pure love for House can create.  You all mean so much to the Chicago House Experience.  Never give up and never stop.  Always make this event bigger and better year after year.  You have the full support of H2S [House Head Speaks] and  We thank you for giving us an opportunity in bringing this great House event to the world.  Second, I want to give a shout out to every DJ who was on this year lineup.  It was an honor to be in your presence.  You are the reason why Chicago House is alive and well.  Last I would like to thank everyone to attend this 4 day event. Without your love and loyalty towards House, we would not exist.  We have nothing but love for you all!  This House Head Has Spoken!!

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