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Bryant Autrey Artist Update

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Bryant Autrey – Studio Mix (August 2012).mp3
We are happy to bring you a great mix from one of our past guest as an Artist Update on ElectronicRhythm from Mothlab’s Bryant Autrey. Bryant sent us this mix and we instantly fell in love with the sounds and blending techniques between his own productions and of other well known and respected producers. The ER Team feels that you will enjoy this mix and if you’re left wanting more, look for Mr Autrey’s archived podcast within the ElectronicRhythm pages!

[mp3-jplayer tracks=” Autrey – Studio Mix (August 2012).mp3,
” width=”600px” height=”77px” pn=”n” mods=”y” vol=”45″ pos=”rel-R” list=”n”]

Track Listing:
1. Paco Osuna – Atopisimo
2. Audionatica – Run The Line (Sasha Carassi Mix)
3. Bryant Autrey – Heavy Rains
4. Bryant Autrey – Sun Drops
5. Bryant autrey – The Driftress
6. Bryant Autrey – The Drifter
7. Bryant Autrey – Quietstorm Dub Edit
8. Markus Suckut – Pulse
9. Bryant Autrey – Katana
10. Chris Liebing – Auf Und Ab Kinda High (Dustin Zahn Mix)
11. Len Faki – BX3
12. Real Life – Send Me An Angel (Bryant Autrey Mix)
13. Bryant Autrey – Wet From The East
14. Bryant Autrey – Drainage
15. Bryant Autrey – Silver Lining
16. Bigears – Heaven (Damaged Man Mix)

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