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“Breaking My Concentration” by G-Ron and Demus Whisper Hits #1 on Satellite Records Top Downloads Of All Genres

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“Breaking My Concentration” by G-Ron and Demus Whisper has been released on Digital Memory Music Records.

!!! – UPDATE – !!!
On January 12, 2013 “Breaking My Concentration” moves to the #1 Position of Top Downloads of All Genres at Satellite Records!

Since it’s Exclusive Satellite Records release on December 28, 2012, “Breaking My Concentration” has received a good amount of buzz and appraises from DJs and club dancers worldwide! Even reaching Satellite Records’ #1 Slot of the latest Techno Hot Picks and the Overall Hot Picks during the week of its exclusive release!

Breaking My Concentration :

The original mix by G-Ron and Demus Whisper is a power driving techno blazer with an attitude meant for the big room enthusiast. Equipped with an unstoppable bass line, an arsenal of torrential sonic essences, and captivating rhythm sections intended not to leave the listener disappointed.

The remix from Jyre Records’ Sam Jaspersohn, takes one on a deeper detour of this epic version. Filled with subliminal synth melodies, a spacious atmosphere and hypnotizing satisfying sounds, will leave any aficionado wanting more with the downright attention capturing groove.

Pick up your copy today at Satellite Records and the worldwide release on January 11, 2013.

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