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2011 UMS Archived Shows

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Hello everyone the Earth is completing another trip around the sun, bringing 2012 so we decided to a recap the shows we have done in the past. Just in case you have missed the first shows that aired on the Underground Movement Show. We have put together a list to bring you up to date on the continuing en-devours we here at will keep bringing you .

Starting from our first show to those shows not listed in our main archives.
Think of this as a jump point to all the amazing guests we have had on the Underground Movement Show.

This is our first episode of’s Underground Movement series where we will be exploring countless directions in the Electronica Lifestyle. Our goal is to present the world with the various avenues one finds when venturing into the DJ/Dance Culture. What best way to begin with our co-host G-Ron as he shows how the mix is done live with no edits or finalizations. Joins us on our weekly journey as we get to experience what the underground scene offers for those who wish to look for it.

View in Browser:UMS_Ep_1_G-Ron

Download Vid: {filelink=32}

EPISODE #2 Soulstar:
DJ-SOULSTAR AKA SOUL_DAS … Has been in the underground music scene since the better part of the 90’s .. As a teen he traveled around with a crew called Legion2000 and was exposed to the rave scene and the growing popularity of tech house ,break beat, Jungle and what have you.. Taking part in the early rave scene his mind was filled with so much rich sounds that makes him the versatile sound sculptor he is today..From playing at home grown parties all over NYC to participating in many club appearances with his close Dj friends (G-Ron, Kumar Singh, Dj Honey, Dj Griz, Dj Conquest, Danomyte and Diggy). With the help of and Altruist Recordings (AR) NYC. and the underground Movement Show streaming live sets every week, he continues to push the electronic sound to all corners of the globe. In this set he has explored the dub-step realm. Even though being a true house head, his scope allows him to experiment with all types of genres.

View in Browser: Episode #2 Soulstar (the journey)

Download Video: {filelink=34}


DJ Q (Co-host) For this weeks’ show co-host DJ Q takes to the deck to bring you a banging innovative set. Staring with some lush progressive house and building into some heavy hitting techno and tech-house beats with some sprinkling of deep house thrown in the mix.
From the Inception of the underground Music Show Dj Q has been our Co-Host along with G-ron. However, Hi demand from his other pursuits he needed to take time off from the show.

View in Browser:Episode #3 Dj Q

Download Vid: {filelink=33}

Episode 4 LADY LUXE:
We are very happy to bring you the groove-deliciousness of funk house brought to you by the one and only Lady Luxe. Lady Luxe holds residencies all over New York, Keepin her in high demand by clubs goers and club owners.We are very delighted that she has taken some time to come to the Underground Movement Show. We here at Electronicrhythm welcome innovative and styles of music. Make sure to keep checking in to find more creative talented Dj’, Producers looking to reach all of you with their style of electronic music.
View in Browser:Episode 4 LadyLuxe.mp4

Download Vid: {filelink=40}

EPISODE #5 DIGGY (Feisal Diggy):

DJ Diggy delivers the dark and pumpin beats this week on the UM Show! Coming over straight from the airport, gives you an idea of how much he loves the Electronic Dance Music scene. Playing in New York for years, he enchants people with the sounds of mesmerizing tones and effects. The driving basslines flowing in the mix, makes one want to let go of their chair and get on moving.

To catch more on DJ Diggy, visit his fan page where he is one-half of Dioscuri!

View in Browser: Episode 4_diggyum.mp4

Download Vid: {filelink=35}

EPISODE #6 G-Ron_Co-host:
Once again our co-host brings you a brand new set.. With Dj-Gron on the controls your sure to get an ear full of pumping beats. His style is un-paralleled, he has a way of getting you up and digging deep into your subconsciousness. All his selection are not by accident and his skill is best understood by those that understand the work that goes behind the selection of the tracks and how they are used. A well grounded Dj and producer he keeps true to the evolution that all djs must go through to become a stand out among the rest. Here is his set make sure to keep checking on the ever growing popularity that is the underground movement show. enjoy!
View in Browser: Episode_5_G-Ron_Co-host

Download Vid: {filelink=36}

EPISODE #7 JAERU (House cartel):

In this Episode we give you a taste of THE HOUSE CARTEL with D.J.JAERU. Spinning his brand of house Just For us. Make sure to check them on Facabook The House Cartel for their up and coming shows and events. We are very proud to bring you JAERU and his upbeat style of house.The House Cartel is still young and have a lot to look forward too, so follow The House Cartel on the way to the top. Listen to their music, it speaks for its self.
As always we keep bringing you all the best DJ’s and producers from around the electronic music world.

View in Browser:JAERU

Download Vid: {filelink=37}

EPISODE #8 Capo (House cartel):

This time around we have THE HOUSE CARTEL head honcho Capo on the decks for your listening pleasure from Queens, NY. DJ Capo part of The House Cartel, brings us more of The House Cartel style of House. We are sure you will enjoy this set brought to you by Make sure to keep checking in and subscibe to our site to be up to date on all the shows that will be on the Underground movement show.
View in Browser: UMS_Episode_7_Capo

Download Vid: {filelink=38}

EPISODE #9 G-Ron_Co-host:

As we continue to move forth with new sounds and great Dj’s, G-Ron hits the decs this time around to keep you grooving and moving throughout all your daily adventures.’s Underground Movement series we will keep exploring countless directions in the Electronica Lifestyle. Our goal is to present the world with the various avenues one finds when venturing into the DJ/Dance Culture. make sure to check our podcast and Subscribe to our site to be updated on up coming shows.

View in Browser: UMS_Episode_8_G-Ron

Download Vid: {filelink=39}

EPISODE #10 Agent_Orange (ARA) :

We are proud to bring you Agent Orange aka (Ara) to the Underground Movement Show. His contributions to the global music scene include releases and remixes on globally respected labels like Terminal M, Circle Music, Advanced and Liftin’. His tracks, as well as others from his own label Gotham Grooves, gets played, charted, and appears on CDs by DJ’s Carl Cox , Richie Hawtin, DJ Hell, Dave Clarke, Ben Sims, Eric Sneo , Max Graham, Alex Flatner, DJ Mayuri, DJ Lucca, and others.
He Releases and Dj’s as he went Agent Orange with an upbeat, funky, Electro-House & Tribal House & Techno sound, and as ARA with a Pumping Minimal and Tech-House sound. He’s been dedicated to producing his own music as well as managing Gotham Grooves since 2000. With Gotham, full force to push Techno in the US and created the opportunity to sign hot US talent along side international all-stars like, Valentino Kanzyani, Bryan Zentz, Danilo Vigorito and Tim Xavier along with his own releases. He also ran the “Tech-Support” nights, one of NYC’s most respected weekly techno events, where he showcased many local talents alongside cream of the crop international artists including Adam Beyer, Space DJz, W.J. Henze (aka Gecko), Oliver Ho, Deetron, Christian Smith, Ben Sims and more.
View in Browser: Episode_10_Agent_Orange.mp4

Download Vid: {filelink=41}

EPISODE #11 THC_Live@Liquid_Vibe :
In this installment we are joining THE HOUSE CARTEL at one of their events held @ Liquid-Vibe. This is for sure a treat to see our good friends of THC in action. We are sure you will enjoy the proceedings being brought to you only on the Underground Movement show. Make sure to Check out these and all the other amazing guests we have been bringing you. subscribe to the posts and to the podcast to get your hands on the new shows we will have coming up in the near future. download and take it along with you on your daily adventures.

View in Browser: Episode_11_THC_Live@Liquid_Vibe

Download Vid: {filelink=42}

EPISODE #12 Infected_Hands :

In this installment we bring you I.Hands. I Hands is a Dj/Producer born in Lisbon, Portugal. As kid music has always been a part of his life. Firstly making music was just a hobby to fill gaps between working hours; a hobby that soon became a passion that then became an addiction.
The greatest objective of all of his tracks is to create a even build up to where the listener can move through the moments of unique ambience, vibes and flows.

View in Browser: UMS_Episode_12_Infected_Hands

Download Vid: {filelink=43}

EPISODE #13 G-Ron_Co-host :
Once again we bring you the deep vibrant tunes of G-Ron. This week our Co-Host plays us through another journey into the deepest corners of your mind. If you have been following the Shows you already know that every time G-Ron plays your sure to hear something captivating and pulsating rhythms. So kick up your stereo, sit back and let the beats move all the way down your spine. Not sure you will sit for long because the sound will inspire you to get up and dance. Make sure to keep up to date by subscribing to the Podcast and to the post here on your source for what is new in the underground.

View in Browser: Episode_13_G-Ron_Co-host

Download Vid: {filelink=44}

Episode # 14 Rob Murray:
This Week we bring you the second half of the Duo Dioscuri. ” Kicking ass in the name of house and techno, Dioscuri is the DJ-duo of Rob Murray and Diggy (aka Feisal Ahmad).
With over 25 years combined of electronic music experience, Diggy and Rob Murray bring a shared love of dark, hypnotic beats to electronic music lovers worldwide.
The duo have played together for more than 8 years in New York City, from large club venues to underground warehouses, to everything in between. In creating long-form sets that focus on a deeper mood selection and artistic vision, Dioscuri approaches each performance with the goal of making sure the audience has lost its mind by the end of the set.
Dioscuri currently holds residency at Momentum / Rite of Wednesdays, widely hailed as the best mid-week parties in New York City. Catch the duo with the Dark Matter and Sinnerscene crews, Wednesdays at Bar 13, and watch for them coming to your neighborhood soon.”Written on: Dioscuri

View in Browser : UMS_Episode_14_Rob_Murray

Download Vid: {filelink=45}

Episode #15 DJ Q. Co-host:
For this week’s show co-host DJ Q takes to the deck to bring you a banging innovative set. Starting with some lush progressive house and building into some heavy hitting techno and tech-house beats with some sprinkling of deep house thrown in the mix.
What makes this set different is the way in which it was mixed. The entire set was mixed live using Apple’s iPad as a controller for Traktor 2 Pro. No other studio or postproduction trickery were used, everything was done live in Traktor and on the fly using the iPad. Hope you guys enjoy!
Download Vid:{filelink=49}
Download Video: Will be Up Here soon !

Episode #16 Louie Patron:
Growing up in New York City Louie Patron was always heavily influenced by music. It all started when he attended his first ever EDM show. Everything changed for him when he saw his first dj spin a set, that being Sander Van Doorn the most influential person on his career. Louie quickly after started to practice djing right at home, releasing mash ups every month on youtube that got a great response for somebody that is unknown. Believing strongly in the quote “if it doesn’t make you uncomfortable, your not doing something right” is what makes his style unique, not being scared of mixing Progressive house, Trance, Techno, and big room style music is what makes his style so unique. His podcast A capriccio displays his wide range of styles, showing that he can adapt to any situation as a dj.

View in Browser: Episode_16_Louie_Patron

Download Vid: {filelink=46}

Episode #17 Alexander_Fog:
Underground Movement Show – Episode 17 – Alexander Fog’s Podcast is privileged to welcome special guest DJ, Alexander Fog, from Rome, Italy. Alexander is an accomplished DJ & producer and has released tracks on legendary New York house imprint Nervous, on Younan Music, Housepital Records, and his own TMR record label to name a few…

Download Video:{filelink=47}

This concludes all the shows you might of missed. To view the Latest shows down to the listed shows here go to um-shows…

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